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Somehow the Spark feels weightless on your feet, but offers substantial support and protection, too. We use a slightly shallower lug profile and less drop (6mm) to give the Spark a minimalist feel underfoot. Same grippy HDR rubber as the Ignite. A high-tensile fabric, protective layer in the forefoot armors your feet’s most vulnerable area. The Spark delivers a slightly more nimble feel, but even so--we’ve had some of our athletes complete ultras in them. If you prefer a more minimal, less-structured shoe, then the Spark might be the perfect solution to your run.

Somehow the Spark feels weightless on your feet, but offers substantial support and protection, too. We use a slightly shallower lug profile and less drop (6mm) to give the Spark a minimalist feel underfoot. Same grippy HDR rubber as the Ignite. A high-tensile fabric, protective layer in the forefoot armors your feet’s most vulnerable area. The Spark delivers a slightly more nimble feel, but even so--we’ve had some of our athletes complete ultras in them. If you prefer a more minimal, less-structured shoe, then the Spark might be the perfect solution to your run.


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  • Upper: Recycled synthetic leather and polyester mesh
  • Lining: Recycled polyester
  • Plate: Hi-Tensile Fabric Plate
  • Midsole: Molded EVA
  • Outsole: Speed Lite
  • Last: TR2
  • Sizes: 39 – 47, 48 (half sizes)
  • Weight: 260g; 9.2oz (1/2 pair size 42)
  • Color: Black/Green Apple, Ocean/Lime
  • Product Code:32040/351



  • SCARPA Planet Friendly


SCARPA Sizing Chart

Measure your foot with a ruler, using cm or inches; convert to Euro or US using this chart. If you need mondo sizing, please refer to the SCARPA chart on this page/tab. We recommend you purchase two sizes, the size you think you are plus one .5 size bigger for fit testing at home. As long as the products are in like new condition and the packaging is 100% intact, we will credit you for the returned product.

General fitting rules depend on the product's intended use... follow the appropriate guidelines below for best results.

Trail/mountain/approach/lifestyle products:

  • The bigger/heavier/more supportive the product, the more you may want to upsize .5 - 1full size. Lighter, softer, more supple shoes can be sized closer to your measured size.
  • Note: SCARPA Plastic mountain boots all use UK sizing; UK converts easily: 1 full size smaller than US men's size, 2 sizes smaller than US women's size.
  • Try on with appropriate socks for your usage. The bigger the boot, the more appropriate a bigger sock (sounds crazy, huh?)
  • If you use orthotics or already have aftermarket footbeds, measure against the standard footbed in boot. Fit into boot for sizing/fitting the boot.
  • Best to try on at the end of the day when your feet are larger/swollen, than when your feet are fresh to ensure good fit after a long day.
  • Lacing can play an incredibly important part of a good fit. Be sure to play with lacing when analyzing fit.
  • Make sure your heel isn't slipping.
  • Make sure your toes aren't hitting the end.

**Approach shoes may be sized smaller for performance purposes but beware... small shoes are really uncomfortable on the trail.

Rock climbing shoes

  • From your measured size, you'll want to consider downsizing .5 - 2 full sizes. The flatter the shoe, the closer to your measured size; the more downturned/aggressive the shoe, the more you'll want to downsize.
  • The best fit is comparative between sizes and only you will be able to judge that, though an experience climber could offer good insights to your fit.
  • If it feels painful, it may break in... or it may not.
  • Pain sucks as a rule of thumb though and makes climbing miserable.
  • Only you can judge what's 'acceptable' discomfort.
  • Good fitting rock shoes shouldn't necessarily be 'comfortable' by walking/running shoe standards.
  • Look for looseness/bagginess in the toes and heel. Bagginess can mean 'slop' when climbing with feet perspiring, etc.
  • Toes should completely fill the toebox.
  • Heel should feel solid; like they won't pull off if heel hooking.
  • Any foot movement in new shoes will mean sloppy fit when broken in.

Ski boots

  • From your measured foot, convert to US size using the scale. Translate the US size to Mondo size using the SCARPA mondo scale (not 'true' mondo conversion)
  • Shell fit: taking liner out of the shell and inserting foot, toes touching end of shell but completely flat.
  • Should have 1.5 - 2 fingers of space behind heel and heel of shell (between 14mm - 20mm)
  • Too little space = go up one shell
  • Too much space = go down one shell
  • If not sure... fit test BOTH shell sizes
  • Put on a ski sock for gosh sake!
  • Use and orthotic? Put it the boot (after taking out the standard footbed).
  • Put foot in boot AND BUCKLE IT! You can not tell a boot fit without buckling it
  • This will pull your heel back into the heel pocket, relieving cramped toe space
  • Boots do pack out! A 'comfy' fit when new will mean slop later.
  • Regardless, your toes should NOT be pressed against the end of the liner
  • Get your Intuition liners molded! This provides THE BEST FIT available.
  • Any minor pressure points or space will be eliminated by molding
  • Find an experience SCARPA dealer for fitting/molding
  • Boot fitting is an incredible service and generally requires a service fee of varying amounts... it's worth it though!

More good information fitting available here.

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  • Anonymous May 23, 2014


    I've had these shoes for about a year now and used them from ridge traverses in the Wasatch to long flat and dry trails on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. They are a great shoe. The traction could be improved and deeper lugs would be appreciated. That said, it's a great shoe when traction isn't your main concern. Very fast and light and a good minimalist shoe. I would highly recommend!

  • Anonymous Nov 3, 2013


    Very light and comfortable. Much more of a running shoe than scrambler, but they'll do the job. Great fit right out of the gate, but Scarpa always fits like a glove for me (longer/narrow foot).

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2013


    Comfortable feet often make or break my day and I have never been happier than in my Sparks. They offer a great combination of being lightweigh,t yet protective enough for when I attempt runs longer than what I have really trained for. I ran the Power of Four 50k in the Sparks, with no training runs longer than 17miles. At the end of the race my feet were in great shape, which hasn't been the case with previous shoes.

  • Anonymous Jun 18, 2013


    I've recently purchased my second pair of Sparks, which certainly says something, but wanted to share some performance observations. First off, as I have a narrow heel and foot generally, the heel cup and lacing system works exceptionally well to secure the foot without heel movement. The rubber and tread are fantastic and is certainly a testament to Scarpa's experience in footwear. Although minimalist, they do not compromise on durability or performance. Having heavily used my previous pair I am very impressed with their overall durability, keeping in mind their intended usage and expected life span. Excellent choice for avid trail runners.

  • Anonymous Jan 16, 2013


    There's a definite racing feel to this brand new shoe, in shops Spring 2013. Very light [275g, UK size 11], low profile and sitting on a more rigid outsole, they beg to be taken on Swiss Alpine paths -- rocky and fast. The Hi-Tensile fabric footstrike plate encourages you up onto your toes. In the world of lower profile shoes, despite the 6mm drop between the heel and forefoot (most work to around 12mm) these feel like they sit a little higher than other minimalist models which makes them a great introductory option as coping with barefoot-mimicking shoes does take some getting used to. Verdict: Ready for pacey, fast days on drier ground.

  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2012


    Most comfortable trail running shoes I've ever owned. No blisters/bruised toes, even after 20 mile 8000ft vertical peak bagging trips. Sufficient protection to cruise on the down, while still having good trail feel. Scarpa NA also has some of the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with. I had some minor problems with my first pair and they worked me through the warranty process within a week. Love these shoes. 

  • Anonymous Oct 21, 2012


    An incredibly smooth riding shoe with feel and cushioning this is my ATF shoe for both road and trail.  Just ran a trail half marathon and as always great traction and cushioning allowed me to pass on every downhill.  I have had over 300 pairs of shoes in my 43 year racing career and these are the best.  Better cushioning than NB MT-110 which need more heel cushion, better toe box than the MT-101's, and much smoother than my Inov-8 Trail Roc 245's.  I am a heavy (198 lb) long distance trail runner and these are amazing.  Buy a pair.  but rethink if your feet are very narrow.

  • Anonymous Sep 12, 2012


    After trying out dozens of trail shoes over the past years, I've noticed a trend of shoes becoming increasingly less and less like running shoes. The Spark straight away is reminiscent of an actual running shoe that has blended in some of the "modern" aspects that have become popular. The heel/toe drop is on the more minimal side at 6 mm vs a standard 12 like in most road shoes. The cushion is dense and sufficient that rocks and rough trail don't cause discomfort. But, they are sufficient to go long distances (I've yet to take them past 25 miles but the feet felt fine). The weight is that of a light weight training shoe, coming in at around 9-10 oz, giving a nimble feeling or "nimbility" as I like to say. And lastly, the tread is just aggressive enough to provide great traction in loose dirt/rock but not so cumbersome that it inhibits running. On the flip side, the moderate tread pattern holds its own on talus or moderate slabby rock. The fit is true to size and with plenty of room in the toe box will accommodate wider feet.   I'd say the shoe is great as an everyday trainer for those that get out in the mountains in a variety of conditions.

  • Anonymous Jun 25, 2012


    I just completed the 2012 Western States 100-mile run in these shoes, was very happy with these shoes, and will definately buy more pairs. I have a EEE foot and they are well cut in the heels and wide enough that my feet were comfortable all the way, none of my toenails were bruised, and I only had three minor blisters. The shoes are very light weight and give a great trail-feel without allowing my feet to be battered by pointy rocks and sticks. I do have two identical pairs and switched pairs at mile 62 in the race. I take the insoles out of my shoes and run them with nothing in them but my feet and a light to medium-weight trail-running sock, which gives me a bit more room, and these shoes are smooth enough inside not to rub or abuse my feet. The weather for this year's Western States ranged from wet and muddy to dry and dusty. The traction of these shoes was outstanding in all conditions from mud to wet rocks to loose dirt and gravel on steep grades. The rock guard kept my soles protected. The shoes drain well after river and creek crossings, but the weave is tight enough to keep most dirt and grit out, which is part of the reason my feet stayed in good shape throughout the run. I now have about 70 miles on one pair and about 200 miles on the other and they are still in good shape, in fact better than the other trail shoes I have had at a similar mileage. The only negative I have is that I ordered two more pairs after ordering and wearing the first pair, and a lacing tab on one pair ripped the first time I put them on. **Call us for a replacement. SNA**

  • Anonymous Apr 30, 2012


    Took my first 2 hour trail run in my new Sparks. They are nimble and light feeling. Traction was pretty good. The forefoot is wide enough for my triple e foot. Laces stayed tied, side hill stability is also good. All in all, very comfortable trail runners. I wear a size 9 and bought the 42.5 and they have just a little wiggle room up front. Scarpa has a winner here.

  • Anonymous Apr 12, 2012


    Hello there. I've recently purchased a pair of Scarpa Sparks to train in while trail running, and I must say, this is a first. Not a first in the fact that I purchased new trail shoes, but a first in the fact that never have I worn a pair of shoes and fell in love with them so quickly that I felt compelled to write an email to the company about them. I've been running competitively for about 5 years now, and never has a pair of shoes just felt so right so fast. I am currently training for my first Ultra Marathon, a 50 mile race through the woods in Michigan this August. I was unsure before my training started which brand I would use for training and on race day, thinking I might go with my old reliable Brooks Cascadias. I now know that my Sparks will be on my feet come race day. I'm greatly looking forward to being a Scarpa fan for life, and can't wait to get these bad boys out into the Arizona trails this summer and see what they're really made of. Thanks Scarpa! Your newest fan, Steve

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2012


    I got these shoes last week and have been out on the trail since. I have been looking for a shoe that will be good for backpacking on the Northville Lake Placid Trail. It needs to be light but offer protection from rocks, dry quickly, and provide decent traction in mud. I have been running in VFFs for the last few years so low drop was important and all the big trail tanks (mountain masochist) felt huge and overbuilt. I wear a 45.5 in VFF and the Spark fits well in the same size. Traction and feel is great on firm trails as well as slippery conditions. Deep mud (ankle deep) reduces traction considerably but the shoe sheds the mud fast. It also dries quickly. I've worn two different socks and that seems to be more important in determining how quick my feet dry since the shoe was dry. The rock plate is great. I wore them yesterday with a 25lb pack and rocks and roots weren't a problem. I really love this shoe and feel it will withstand any trail I hike or run.

  • Anonymous Feb 2, 2012


    These shoes strike a great balance between traditional and minimal trail running. They offer the perfect balance between light weight/ sensitive and cushion/protection/traction. They feel very light and nimble, yet I feel confident in the traction they offer and while they allow for a really good feel for the trail, the traction and protection is more than adequate! I really like these shoes!