Chris Thomas

Nick Name: Christ

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 3, 1983

Where were you born: Pittsburgh, PA

Current Location: SLC, UT

Hobbies: woodworking, slaving on house remodel projects

Discipline: All: Rock, Ice, Alpine

I grew up far away from any climbable mountains, but from an early age I loved being outside. After failing pretty miserably at most child hood pursuits like soccer, baseball, and playing the violin, my first serious love was for hockey. My teenage years were spent obsessing over everything related to playing hockey.

My life was changed forever when I stumbled across a recently built climbing gym near my home. Since that fateful moment of stepping foot into the door I knew there was no going back. Within a couple of weeks I had quit playing hockey and began to focus on climbing 100%. Branching outside and into the alpine was a natural and swift progression and fueled my passion for all things vertical even more.

Shortly before my 21st birthday I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to enable daily climbing, skiing, biking in the Wasatch Mountains. I continue to travel to far away climbing destinations as much as possible. Climbing has enabled the closest friendships, the richest experiences, and the greatest adventures that I could ever even imagine. I feel extremely fortunate to have found this great and extremely diverse sport. Thank you Scarpa for the support!

Favorite SCARPA product: The Boostics are the very best rock shoes I've ever worn, ever

What other SCARPA product do you use: The new Rebel Pro boots are a total game changer. Instinct VS is the go-to for anything overhanging.

What age did you start climbing: I was about 15 or 16 years old

How would you describe your style: As in fashion style? I'm a pickup dirty laundry from the floor and give it the smell test kind of guy. If I don't get nauseous, that's what I wear for the day.

What can't you live without: Buffalo wings and melted cheese

What keeps you motivated: I don't know. The drive to excel at climbing rock, ice, and mountains is extremely difficult for me to define. Different types of climbing motivate me in different ways.

Guilty pleasure song: I like chick music. Lana Del Ray and Taylor swift are some of my favorites

Strangest medical issue: Nothing too interesting beyond some serious bow-leggedness.

Favorite junk food: I guess it depends on what you call junk food. Most of my diet is pretty terrible by a nutritionist's standpoint. I'm a sucker for anything deep fried.

Favorite post activity drink: Drinking an ice cold IPA while watching the stars come out

Best excuse to skip training: Go climbing instead

Go-to dance move: My signature "stand awkwardly in the corner by myself" move

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate with peanut butter

Coffee or tea: Espresso

What do you do on off days: I'm pretty terrible at sitting still. Rest days are torture. I recently built a hanging sectional-couch style porch swing. Working on my house and building things is a pretty good distraction from climbing

Favorite classic movie: The original Robin Hood cartoon

What's on your ipod:; I'm pretty eclectic: everything from gangster rap to country, classical to folk rock. Gregory Alan Isakov and Lucero are some current favorites

What kind of car do you drive: E250, extended. I converted the interior into a poor man's RV: it has a bed that folds into a couch, a kitchen with cabinets, insulated walls, water pump, auxiliary batteries, etc. I call it the Vandaminium.