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Andres Marin

Andres Marin


Date Of Birth: 04/22/1983

Hometown: Ibague, Colombia

Current Location: Ouray, Colorado

Favorite Zone: The Alaska Range, Peruvian Andes, Black Canyon, Indian Creek, so many……

Proudest Achievement: First ascent of Mustyr North Face in Kyrgyztan/China border.

Favorite Advocacy Org: Protect Our Winters


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My Mom will tell you when I was a kid I was constantly climbing, on everything. Born and raised in Colombia, in the middle of the central mountain range of the country, I started climbing mountains in my teens. I was captivated by the allure of adventure. In 2003 I moved to the USA and found myself completely addicted to Indian Creek and the Moab area, spending uncountable days climbing wide cracks and desert towers. My first visit to Ouray, I was stoked to experience vertical ice climbing and was immediately hooked. I love climbing mixed ice and alpine routes that drive me to intense focus and challenge. My passion lies in expedition climbing, exploring new mountains and trying to unlock the mystery of climbing new routes. Being out in the mountains, enjoying cool places with good friends is something I absolutely love, but I also love to come home and rock climb in the Black Canyon or go cragging with my dog Paco.

Q & A

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  1. How did you get involved with your respective sport?: Started with rock climbing, then Ice Climbing and mixed climbing, put it all together, which led to alpine climbing in big mountains.
  2. Who were your influences early in life? : My mom, my friends, Paul Thomas Cook, Guy Lacelle
  3. What draws you to the outdoors?: Being in the moment. Breathing the fresh air, seeing beautiful landscapes, and being thankful for where I am.
  4. What do you like about SCARPA as a brand?: SCARPA has always been in the forefront of outdoor footwear technology. It is a family owned business. Working with the team at SCARPA feels like family. Plus, Italian footwear is the bomb.
  5. Why do you like/trust SCARPA products (in general, not product specific)?: The fit is awesome. SCARPA has Well-made and durable boots that you can trust on long, remote expeditions, without doubt.
  6. What gets you out of bed on big days?: Excitement of what lies ahead for the day of adventure.
  7. What is your best excuse for skipping training?: There is no excuse, nor skipped trainings. I love training and if any doubt, Jocko Willink start talking inside my head.
  8. Favorite recovery/apres beverage?: A nice smoothie with all kinds of healthy yums yums.
  9. If you had a baseball walkup song, what would it be?: Domination- Pantera
  10. What's the last movie that made you cry?: A dog purpose
  11. What's your dream trip or expedition?: Skydive into a glacier where super long and steep ice runnels are covering perfect white granite faces with splitters cracks of all sizes. Then, an awesome and exposed ridge with perfect neve that will go to the summit.
  12. What makes a good skiing/climbing/running/hiking partner?: Positive, willin to get out of the comfort zone yet making good decisions and good sense of humor off course!
  13. Two truths and a lie: Almost electrocute myself changing an electrical water heater. Save a friend from drowning. I love bacon.

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