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The Return of The Mago
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The SCARPA Mago climbing shoes perform well on steep, overhanging features.


The Return of The Mago

The Return of The Mago

BY Stefanie Kamm

BY Stefanie Kamm

Have you ever fallen in love with the perfect climbing shoe? A shoe that helps you accomplish more than you ever thought possible and one that feels as if it has been created from a mold of your own foot? We’ve all felt the bliss that comes along with discovering the ONE, but most of us have also felt the disappointment when YOUR perfect shoe is discontinued. If you were ever a fan of the SCARPA Mago, you felt that disappointment first hand. This shoe was a category-defining classic, that may have been a little too innovative for its’ time and was removed from the line. Well, it’s back by popular demand and now better than ever. It’s already rumored to be the most powerful lace-up ever produced! Keep reading to learn about the new features of the Mago and why it just may be the one for you.

The new SCARPA Mago is not hard to spot. A lime green suede and micro suede upper is paired with a bright blue lace-up tongue which attracts attention on the store shelves and steals the show with its’ performance on steep and demanding routes. The stitching on the upper has been migrated away from the toe to prevent any possible abrasion. The toe-box has a relatively high-volume, but that can be reduced with its’ full length lacing system which offers the ability to dial in the most precise fit possible.

The all-new Mago is soft, but not too soft when paired with highly supportive features. The TPS (toe power support) around the forefoot adds enough support so that you can feel confident on micro edges. The downturned profile and rubber covered toe-box design puts your toes in their strongest position with more grip for unbelievable precision. These components allow you to not only balance, they give you power so you can really press off of the tiniest of features.

The midsole has been designed with an X-Tension active rand that provides an incredible amount of arch support. This active rand hugs the inside of the foot very closely and delivers a great amount of tension on the foot as a whole, as opposed to a specific area.

The Mago’s heel volume has been reduced as compared with the original and is constructed with a flexan insert which offers a very secure fit. Both the heel and the outsole are made from Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber, allowing these shoes to stick like glue while delivering excellent flexibility.

After hearing all of that, you’re probably thinking that the SCARPA Mago could be the shoe you’ve been waiting to find your entire life. Due to the massive versatility of the Mago, you just may be right. This shoe has been designed to be one of the most versatile shoes the market has ever seen. Due to its’ stiff and supportive construction, the Mago is going to offer precise performance to both boulderers and sport climbers looking to use it on slabs, walls, overhangs, and roofs. We’ve already heard from reviewers that it performs well on a variety of angles, gradients, and rock types. Sounds like the Mago is a tried and true, all-around good climbing shoe. We hope you get the chance to try these out for yourself!

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