Fabrizio Zangrilli

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1972

Where were you born: South Africa, I lived there for only a year and then lived in Europe until I was 10 and then the east coast of the US, where I have lived since. I have been based in Colorado for about 15 years.

Current Location: Aspen, Colorado ��� the best alpine town in the US ��� great skiing, amazing rock climbing and some really frightening alpine climbing.

Hobbies: Photography mostly, I really enjoy trying to capture a great moment in the mountains, especially with clients, they take that moment and can relive it at home.

Motto: Make life an Adventure. It is too easy for me to get stuck in the office ��� even if they are small adventures with clients in the mountains around Aspen, it is important.

Discipline: Alpinist

I grew up in Europe and moved to the US when I was 10, soon after at age 13 I started climbing in the Berkshires, New York and New Hampshire.  I moved out to Colorado to climb in my early twenties. I have been on over 50 expeditions around the world, spend virtually every spring in Alaska and Fall in Nepal. Between 1996 and 2011 a vast majority of my summers were spent in Pakistan climbing the Karakoram.

In the winter and summer now I live and guide in Aspen, Colorado and am a co-owner of Aspen Expedition

Favorite SCARPA product: Rebel Ultra GTX, it is a phenomenal alpine boot, it handles approaches amazingly and can climb rock and ice so well.

What other SCARPA product do you use: Phantom 6 & 8000, Techno X, Tech Ascent GTX – which is the best 14er shoe on the market!

Your biggest influence growing up: Punk music – looking back on it I learned to think as an individual from it. There are so many one liners that influenced me, and continue to.

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Voytek Kurtyka, Polish Alpinist from the golden age of Himalayan alpinism. His ascent of Gasherbrum IV I still think is the greatest ever done.

What age did you climbing start: I started climbing at 13 years of age, rock climbing in upstate New York and progressed to alpine rock and ice in my late teens.

How would you describe your style: I try to be as efficient as possible. I have had moments of glory with minimal equipment and that has brought me the most pleasure.

What can’t you live without: Thai Food, morning noon and night it works for me & espresso

What keeps you motivated: Watching the next generation re-invent alpinism. It helps me rethink my own strategies and learn.

If you could be a super hero who: Any super hero that can fly, I would love to avoid some talus fields.

Strangest medical issue: Hernia above my belly button, sometimes it pokes out like an alien.

Favorite junk food: Skittles, I love them so much I named my dog after them!

Favorite post activity drink: PBR, I am over the over hoppy style beer, I am man enough to admit it.

Best excuse to skip training: Easy, spending time with my wife.

Go-to dance move: I wish I had one, I am officially the worst dancer in the world.

Favorite ice cream: Lemon Sorbet

Coffee or tea: Double Espresso

What do you do on off days: I am in the office at Aspen Expeditions, mounting skis, selling retail, talking to customers.

Last movie to make you cry: Charles Bradley: Soul of America

Favorite classic movie: Scarface

What’s on your ipod: Everything from The Clash to Cold war Kids

What kind of car do you drive: F150 with 250,000 miles great for winter and work, in the summer I drive and Audi A4 – also with 200,000 miles

Personal Blog: fabriziozangrilli.blogspot.com

Personal Website: aspenexpeditions.com

Instagram: fabriziozangrilli