Gordon McArthur

Nick Name: G

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Guelph, Ontario

Current Location: Cranbrook, BC

Hobbies: Climbing

Motto: Honor the moment you're in

Discipline: Mixed/ice/Rock

I'm a climber. I'm a dad, and a husband. I'm a business man, and I'm a Christian man. And under these aspects of my life…I try real hard to be the best at all of them. Through all of them I am defined, but not with any of them…do they define me. I try to honor the moment I'm in. I try to capitalize on the positives, to face the negatives…and to learn from that of which causes me to stumble or fail. There is no end, however a journey that is in fact the destination.

I eat, breathe, sleep, talk and walk climbing. 18 years ago I knew something was different about climbing, that something inside of me "wanted it bad". In past, there were many opportunities to pursue other sports or career paths, but when climbing actually clicked…some 8 years ago…everything changed.

With the encouragement of my amazing family, and rad friends, I've been able to "send" some of the hardest routes in North America, and have had some good luck on test pieces throughout the European playing field. Along with this I've had the opportunity to share my passion with people representing just about every nationality out there. The sport I love-mixed climbing, has even landed me on the greatest stage of all, the Olymipcs-Sochi, 2014. I've been able to represent Canada in many different countries on the competitive tour for ice climbing, attaining a world ranking of 13th place overall (for 2014).

I compete all over the world, and I climb for "fun" all over the world. As a professional athlete, this opportunity that I've been given, I couldn't ask for a better life. Along side my wife and two beautiful daughters I'm truly blessed; to add to this, I easily have the coolest backyard ever. Towering at 30ft, a mere 10ft from my back door is "the great arch", my own personal climbing wall. And wrapped around it is enough bouldering terrain to keep you busy for a long time. Yup, I'm psyched.

Favorite SCARPA product: Feroce for rock, the flippie(bring it back!) and of course the phantom ice (mixed comp boot

What other SCARPA product do you use: Boostic, Phantom Guide, Kenesis Pro, Crux Canvas

Your biggest influence growing up: Superman, Gadd, and my dad

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Gadd

What age did you start climbing: 16

How would you describe your style: Gymnastic craziness

What can't you live without: Climbing

What keeps you motivated: The will to win, the encouragement from my daughters, and God's direction

If you could be a super hero who: Superman

Guilty pleasure song: Hall of Fame, The script

Strangest medical issue: I walk slightly to the left hahah

Favorite junk food: Sour cream and onion rippled chips

Favorite post activity drink: Homemade fruit smoothy

Best excuse to skip training: I'm tired. Lol.

Go-to dance move: Ew…I don't dance.

Favorite ice cream: Strawberry. Yup, real original…I know.

Coffee or tea: tea, coffee makes me want to puke.

What do you do on off days: Work, chill, build more walls in the backyard for training.

Last movie to make you cry: I don't cry. I'm a man.

Favorite classic movie: Stand by me.

What's on your ipod: A mix of everything, except for country…because that sucks.

Hidden talent/party trick: I can juggle a soccer ball upwards of 3-400 times (by juggle I mean bounce off my kneeds, head, and feet)

What kind of car do you drive: A camporized ford e150 and a toyota tacoma

Personal Blog: Machavok Adventure & Design

Instagram: Machavok