Jon Walsh

Nick Name: Jonny Red or J.R.

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Toronto

Current Location: Calgary

Hobbies: training, photography, travelling, playing with gravity, healthy living

Motto: Never stop working hard

Discipline: Alpine Climbing

I was born and raised in Toronto, but reborn when I moved to Whislter B.C. in 1992. That was the first major turning point to lifelong love for the mountains and obsession with playing with gravity. The next turning point came in 1998 after spending two winter seasons of ski mountaineering in Chamonix, cutting my teeth on the classic couloirs and jagged spires of the Mont Blanc massif. My life began to revolve around my passion for the vertical realm. After returning home, it was obvious the time had come to move to the Rockies, and continue the apprenticeship.

I love all forms of climbing, especially sport climbing, multi-pitch rock, ice, mixed, and alpine. Traditional mixed alpine adventures have been my main focus and the feeling of complete engagement in wilderness settings has driven me to go far beyond my comfort zone. Fortunately, my backyard provides endless opportunities for this. Researching unclimbed objectives, training and planning for them, and then sharing the adventures through various forms of media, has become routine, and integrated with my lifestyle.

My favorite areas are close to home and are mainly the Bugaboos and the Canadian Rockies. However, I've done extensive travelling including 4 trips to Patagonia, 3 to Alaska, 3 to Baffin Island, 2 to the greater ranges, and many throughout Europe and North America. Recently, I spent a couple of weeks experiencing the winter Scottish scene for the first time, which absolutely blew my mind. So good to see a so many people fired up on traditional climbing, who know and respect their history, have patience to let a route come into condition, and not afraid to flirt with danger! I've learned so much from the all the adventures abroad, which have been key in helping me see new lines in my local playgrounds, even in areas I spend a lot of time in.

Steep skiing, deep powder shredding, and adventure traverse line, are always high priority on my to do list. When snow conditions are prime, I'll be often be pursuing blower lines in Rogers Pass, or skiing the icy north faces of the Rockies.

When not charging hard in the mountains, I live in Calgary and work as a finishing carpenter, photographer, and athlete. I have a three year old daughter, and I'm having a blast teaching her how to ski and climb.

Favorite SCARPA product: Phantom Guide

What other SCARPA product do you use: Rebel Ultra, Rebel Pro, Phantom 6000, Boostic, Instinct, Instinct S, Instinct V, Mobe, Tech Ascent, Spark Gtx,, Rapid Lt

Your biggest influence growing up: Music

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: All my friends who put the rope up for me / showed me the path

What age did you start climbing: 18

How would you describe your style: Alpine Style

What can't you live without: Seasonings

What keeps you motivated: Endless psyche

If you could be a super hero who: Wolverine

Guilty pleasure song: Way too many to list

Strangest medical issue: needles make me faint

Favorite junk food: cookies

Favorite post activity drink: Vega, then beer

Best excuse to skip training: to go climbing

Go to dance move: The Freak

Favorite ice cream: Bailey's mixed with cold powder and cream, whipped vigorously while winter camping

Coffee or tea: Coffee

What do you do on off days: Work

Last movie to make you cry: 12 years a slave

Favorite classic movie: Lord of the Rings

What's on your ipod: Zappa

Hidden talent/party trick: If I told you, you wouldn't believe it

What kind of car do you drive: Toyota

Personal Website: Alpine Style