Josh Wharton

Nick Name: Coach and J-Dub

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 2, 1979

Where were you born: Portsmouth, NH

Current Location: Estes Park, CO

Hobbies: Fishing and Sports Center (seriously)

Discipline: Climber

I grew up in southern New Hampshire, biking, fishing, and exploring the woods. In my teens I fell in love with climbing, and life has never been the same. Although I'm best know for my alpine ascents, I truly love all genres of climbing; and gain motivation from the unique challenges and opportunities that each discipline provides. I currently work as an Alpine Climbing Ambassador for Patagonia. A job which gives me ample time to climb and train, and help test some of the best climbing clothing available. My wife Erinn and I live in Estes Park; a beautiful mountain town that's among the best places in North America to access quality climbing of every variety. There are always inspiring climbs that keep me moving forward and working hard, but I recently added a new goal to my tick list; being a good father to our new daughter Hera.

Favorite SCARPA product: Phantom Guide

What other SCARPA product do you use: Stix, Aliens, Vapor, Crux, lots of good ones!

Your biggest influence growing up: Parents

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Dean Potter

What age did you start climbing: 15

How would you describe your style: Function over fashion!

What can't you live without: Climbing

What keeps you motivated: So many different ways to grow, learn, and explore in climbing that it never seems to be a problem. Whenever I get bored or hurt, I just move onto a different aspect of the sport.

If you could be a super hero who: Not sure. Teleportation would be a great tool; driving and airplanes are no fun.

Guilty pleasure song: Anything raw by Notorious BIG

Strangest medical issue: Broken Back

Favorite junk food: Ben and Jerrys

Favorite post activity drink: Diet Soda

Best excuse to skip training: Good climbing conditions outside!

Go-to dance move: Ask my wife.

Favorite ice cream: Oreo cookie

Coffee or tea: Coffee

What do you do on off days: Relax, hang with my daughter and wife, watch Basketball or football, or go for an exploratory hike.

Last movie to make you cry: Sports movies get too me (pathetic).

Favorite classic movie: Rocky

What's on your ipod: Rage, Notorious, Mike Snow

What kind of car do you drive: Toyota Sienna Minivan. Good road trip rig!