Kevin Wilkinson

Nick Name: The Handyman, Canadian Jackhammer, KRod, Kdub, K Wizzle���.

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 17, 1980

Where were you born: Kimberley B.C. Canada

Current Location: 10Sleep Wyoming!

Hobbies: Jiu Jitsu

Motto: Straight to plan B. (More times than not in life, you have to go straight to plan B���..which is just F@#!in' Giver.)

Climbing is too much fun!

I tried every sport and I liked them all…..but it always kept coming back to the whole "yeah, but it's not as fun as climbing" thing. So I just kept doing it. And since 1998, I have done little else. In 99, someone stuck a drill in my hands and I was off to bolt anything that I could find. To this day, my ultimate experience is to find that sweet/crazy/exciting/improbable line, bolt it and climb it…That's what I live for.

Favorite Scarpa Product: The Instinct VS This shoe is the perfect blend of aggressive performance and precision sensitivity.
Other Scarpa Products you use: A bunch! Instinct Lace, for ultimate edging, Instinct S, for comfy crushing, Crux Canvas, for getting anywhere I need to be.
Biggest influence growing up: Jean-Claude Van damme….nuff said.
Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Jean Claude Van Damme. Pretty sure he sport climbs.
What age did you start: 17
How would you describe your style: Hip-Neck
What can't you live without: Chainsaw, chocolate, gummies, a belayer and the PS3, basically all the usual stuff.
What keeps you motivated: New rock, new routes, new challenges and old projects.
If you could be a super hero, who would it be: Well, lets go with super powers….Super strength, teleportation, mind control, telekinesis and immunity to the elements, sickness and disease. Should about do it.
Guilty pleasure song: Bringing sexy back, Justin Timberlake…..and I don't feel guilty.
Favorite junk food: Gummies and Dark Chocolate
Favorite post activity drink: Cliff electrolyte and protein recovery shake.
Best excuse to skip a training session: 17 smashed vertebrae otherwise…it's on! Unless I'm too sore, rest is important too.
Go to dance move: The wave, vertically or horizontally…it doesn't matter.
Favorite Ice cream: Tiger
Coffee or Tea: No, I drink man drinks, like water, straight up AND on the rocks.
What do you do on your days of: Fix the house, weld stuff, Jiu jitsu, video games…
Last movie to make you cry: All of them, they are all so happy/sad/funny/scary/exciting/cute/ and horrifying.
Favorite classic movie: 300, hands down, best movie ever.
Whats on your ipod: Books on tape for those long-ass drives!
Hidden talent/party trick: You will have to be at a party with me to find out.
What kind of car do you drive: A Prius and a massive Dodge Ram 2500 with a Hemi. I like to balance things out. Like I said before for style…..Hip-Neck.
Facebook: Hell No
Instagram: Kevwilkinson Pictures are fun!