Majka Burhardt

Nick Name: How about how to pronounce it instead? ?My-ka"

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Jan 4, 1976

Where were you born: Minneapolis, MN

Current Location: North Conway, NH

Hobbies: Climbing, gardening, cooking, creating elaborate projects which fuse together science, conservation, culture, and climbing.

Motto: Additive Adventure

Discipline: Rock, Ice, and anything in-between.

Author, professional climber, public speaker, and mountain guide specializing "Additive Adventure:" when adventure goes beyond exploration to cultural and environmental connections that create a larger conversation of singular and collective human meaning. Author of Vertical Ethiopia and Coffee Story: Ethiopia. Executive producer of the film Waypoint Namibia and the forthcoming Lost Mountain, Majka has 16-years of experience leading multi-stage international ventures focused on current issues of cultural and global significance spanning Africa, Europe, South and North America. She started climbing and skiing while growing up in Minnesota and recently moved from Colorado to New Hampshire for love and ice.

Favorite SCARPA product: Vapor V

What other SCARPA product do you use: Technos, Phantom Guides, Rebel Ultras, Crux Womens, Feroce, Maestrale,

Your biggest influence growing up: My mother who woke up at 5 am every day to run and scraped off her calluses with a razor blade before putting on her nylons to go to work, my father who made sure every weekend day involved two sports out of windsurfing, rollerblading, skiing, walking, biking, tennis and more, and both of them for showing me how to push yourself and value challenge in sport, life, and career.

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Arlene Blum and Alison Hargreaves

What age did you start: Technically I climbed the first time when I was five, at Camp Adjawah. I was lured in by the ice cream and fudge everyone knew you could go and buy if you went on the climbing day at Taylor's Falls, MN

How would you describe your style: I'm a scrappy climber who's constantly taking myself out of my element and trying on new climbing venues and objectives…it keeps it fresh, and also keeps me always learning.

What can't you live without: A mountain poodle in my life.

What keeps you motivated: Traveling to new places AND seeing my home rock and ice crags in a new light every year.

Guilty pleasure song: Galileo by the Indigo Girls

Strangest medical issue: Double back surgeries, shoulder surgery, broken foot, torn finger ligament, whiplash and more…check out

Favorite junk food: My husband's homemade cookies

Favorite post activity drink: Anything cold

Best excuse to skip training: I never skip training. Wait…what is training?

Go-to dance move: I don't have a "move"…I just do all of it with equal skill/dismay

Favorite ice cream: Cookies and Cream Malt

Coffee or tea: Coffee

What do you do on off days: Garden, hike with my dog, clean my van with q-tips

Last movie to make you cry: Any movie I watch on a plane makes me cry

Favorite classic movie: Harald and Maude

What's on your ipod: Publish The Quest's Newest album- A Thousand Kinds of Gold

What kind of car do you drive: VW Eurovan Camper AND Toyota Matriz

Personal Blog: Liminal Line

Personal Website: Majka Burhardt

Instagram: majkaburhardt