Mike Leake

Nick Name: Mikey

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Idaho Falls, Idah

Current Location: Girdwood, Alaska

Hobbies: Sailing, traveling, hiking & trail running, sea kayaking, rafting, road & mtn biking, backpacking, photography & videography, photo & video editing, writing

Motto: You're only as good as the people you surround your self with.

Discipline: Big Mountain Skier

I am currently living in Girdwood, Alaska, but will always consider Teton Valley, Wydaho to be home. In the winter I ski primarily in the Chugach Mountains and at Alyeska Resort, however, I am still able to spend a good amount of time at home in the Tetons and at Grand Targhee Resort. I skied on the Freeskiing/Freeride World Tour on and off for 10 years, and have also skied in various park and skier cross events. After leaving the competition scene I transitioned to judging various events and have found myself focusing more on expedition and media oriented sides of the sport. My primary motivation is to continue to progress as a skier, athlete and person. There are so many inspiring athletes out there, the bar seems to be raised on a regular basis and the only way to keep up is to continue to progress as a sport as well as individuals. Every year I find myself being pushed harder and harder, and sometimes it is me doing the pushing. Through this evolutionary process, I have had the opportunity to appear in a number of films, documentaries and stories. Thus far, I have worked in the ski industry through skiing as an athlete, competitor, coach, guide, event coordinator, event judge, marketing consultant, team manager, videographer, associate producer, and as a professional ski patroller. I have a true passion for the outdoor industry and try to be involved in every aspect possible.

Favorite SCARPA product: Oh, definitely the Freedom SL. This boot is the ultimate all in one ski boot.

What other SCARPA product do you use: I run, hike and cross-train in the Epic. I also dig the Mai Tai for travel and casual wear.

Your biggest influence growing up: My parents!

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: I idolized Glen Plake and was fortunate to have been able to meet him a number of times as a teen.

What age did you start skiing: I started skiing at 3 years old.

How would you describe your style: Hard and fast.

What can't you live without: Awe, my fiancée Michelle!

What keeps you motivated: Pushing my own limits and progressing every year.

If you could be a super hero who: Superman, duh.

Guilty pleasure song: Jackson by Johnny Cash.

Strangest medical issue: Celiac Disease.

Favorite junk food: Chocolate chip cookies….gluten free of course.

Favorite post activity drink: EmergenC.

Best excuse to skip training: Is this a trick question?

Go-to dance move: Not much of a dancer….

Favorite ice cream: Don't like ice cream.

Coffee or tea: Depends on the time of day or setting, but likely coffee.

What do you do on off days: Whatever is clever.

Last movie to make you cry: Bambi.

Favorite classic movie: Um…Space Balls?

What's on your ipod: Johnny Cash.

Hidden talent/party trick: Rub belly & pat head….?

What kind of car do you drive: Depends on where I am, but lets go with the home land of Teton Valley and a 92 Econo Van.

Personal Website: Teton Freeride