Robert Pizem

Nick Name: piz

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Ohio

Current Location: Grand Junction, CO

Hobbies: Exploring, trail running, cleaning

Motto: "ah yeah" and "get outside and have an adventure"

Discipline: Rock Climbing

I have been playing sports my entire life. Whether it was skiing, ice hockey, soccer or baseball, I loved working hard and striving towards a goal. When I was introduced to rock climbing at 18, I realized that all the other sports were just to get me ready for the most challenging and rewarding one on the planet. In the following years, climbing consumed me. During my 20 years of playing on the rocks, I have traveled the world and established first free ascents from boulders to big walls. My passion continues to be new routing, but also teaching the next generation of climbers' safe and good habits, be it climbing related or training.

Favorite SCARPA product: Instinct, I like slippers because they are easy to wear and take off while on the big routes

What other SCARPA product do you use: I love the new Vitamin approach shoe, solid and simple.

Your biggest influence growing up: My father because he could do anything!

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: When I started climbing Tommy Caldwell was an inspiration. Twenty years later, I am inspired by all the newcomers to the sport. Enthusiasm like that never gets old!!!

What age did you start: 18 and I am glad. It would be bad to get really good at climbing while young and lose your love of the sport because of boredom like so many kids today.

How would you describe your style: Git-r-done

What can't you live without: My kids and wife

What keeps you motivated: New projects

If you could be a super hero who: There are no super heroes, I like being me!

Guilty pleasure song: Sultans of Swing live from the Alchemy Live Album of Dire Straits

Strangest medical issue: I melt in the sun.

Favorite junk food: Brownies

Favorite post activity drink: Water

Best excuse to skip training: None

Go-to dance move: High kick

Favorite ice cream: This year I lost my love for ice cream, but in the past vanilla bean.

Coffee or tea: Neither

What do you do on off days: Play with the family

Last movie to make you cry: Cry, it's a movie! Never.

Favorite classic movie: Blues brothers

What's on your ipod: Dire Straits

Hidden talent/party trick: Leaving early

What kind of car do you drive: 250,000 miles on my truck

Personal Blog: Rock Climbing With Rob Pizem

Instagram: Still got an old flip phone