Sam Elias

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 25, 1982

Where were you born: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Current Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Hobbies: Running, Dirt biking, iphone photo shooting, writing, reading

Discipline: rock, ice, mixed

I was born on August 25, 1982 in southeastern Michigan, USA and it is where my family still resides. I currently live in the state of Colorado. Climbing is a driving passion for my life. I have been fortunate to feel an innate connection to its practice from the beginning, and I have structured my life so that I can be dedicated to it.

Before climbing, my life was consumed with alpine skiing and ski racing. I have skied since I was 2 ½ years old. I began racing at the age of 12, and when I was 16, I moved from Michigan to Salt Lake City, UT to attend Rowmark Ski Racing Academy. After that, I was recruited to ski race for the College of Idaho. I still ski frequently, both on and off piste. It is such a pleasure to be outside and in the mountains, and I experience a great sense of freedom and peace there.

I was introduced to climbing through sport climbing, and it is my main pursuit. However, I enjoy many styles; traditional climbing, bouldering, deep water soloing, and most recently ice and winter mixed (M) climbing/dry tooling. The quest to understand myself through climbing has deeply enriched my life, and for this I am eternally grateful. As a result, I feel a responsibility to continue to explore within the pursuit for as long as I am motivated and capable.

Favorite SCARPA product: Instinct

What other SCARPA product do you use: Boostic, Booster S, Styx, Mago, Phantom Guide, Phantom Ice

Your biggest influence growing up: My dad

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: I didn't grow up doing this sport

What age did you start: I was 12 the first time that I ever climbed. I can't really say that it became a part of my life until after I graduated college though, I was 23.

How would you describe your style: I have many

What can't you live without: My heart

What keeps you motivated:Exploration

If you could be a super hero who: Pablo Picasso

Favorite post activity drink: IPA

Go-to dance move: Taking tequila shots

Favorite ice cream: Not really into ice cream

Coffee or tea: Coffee

What do you do on off days: Think, read, eat, sleep, work, maybe nap

Last movie to make you cry:Life of Pi

Favorite classic movie: Top Gun

What's on your ipod: Don't have one

What kind of car do you drive: Chevy Astro

Personal Blog: Book of Samuel Journal

Personal Website: Book of Samuel

Instagram: bookofsamuel