Sam Magro

Nick Name: Sambo

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Ohio

Current Location: Bozeman, Montana

Hobbies: Climbing, skiing, photography, woodworking, surfing, & vegetable gardening

Motto: You never know, you may get run over by a bus tomorrow.

Discipline: Alpine and rock climbing

My first climbs were in the trees of Ohio then KY's sandstone pockets. At eighteen I discovered the ephemeral ice lines and metamorphosed granite of MT. I continue to find constant inspiration in the vast expanses of untapped vertical cliffs, ice seeps, and snowy peaks in proximity to my home.

My personal climbing has crisscrossed my life with many amazing people and locations and has taken me up remote alpine faces in Alaska and South America, northern Africa, and throughout Europe. What has fueled me most through the years is the lure of the new, which comes at many times as first ascents all with solid friends. As of late my focus has been closer to home.

For work I own and operate MAG (Montana Alpine Guides) with which I keep busy guiding ice in Hyalite Canyon in the winter and rock in the summer. I also work as photographer

Favorite SCARPA product: Vapor V

What other SCARPA product do you use: The Intsinct line. Tech Ascent GTX, Rebel Ultra GTX, Phantom Guide, & Phantom 6000

Your biggest influence growing up: My parents.

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: Greg Child

What age did you start climbing: Climbing trees: 5, Rock; 16, Ice and alpine: 18.

How would you describe your style: Variety pack of styles: big alpine all day outings, new-routes on un-scaled terrain, the after work missions to the local projects, the life-time goals on ice, rock, mountains; here, there, and abroad. Not committing to one all the time but committing to each at that time.

What can't you live without: Food and water.

What keeps you motivated: New routes, alpine trips, and projects.

If you could be a super hero who: Yoda, hope he counts.

Guilty pleasure song: My own "free lance" rhyming.

Strangest medical issue: That's an odd question.

Favorite junk food: Ice cream

Favorite post activity drink: Beer that has been pre-stashed in the river or snow.

Best excuse to skip training: It's not real climbing.

Go-to dance move: The Zambezi Flipper

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate and almonds

Coffee or tea: Tea is for Texas.

What do you do on off days: Mix it up.

Last movie to make you cry: Benji the Hunter

Favorite classic movie: Cool Hand Luke, as he was "A natural born world shaker"

What's on your iPod: I'm still operating on CD's and tapes in my vehicle.

Hidden talent/party trick: Hablo español.

What kind of car do you drive: '86 Toyota 4Runner & '86 Subaru GL Hatchback.

Personal Blog: Monata Alpine Guides Blog

Personal Website: Photo: Sam Magro Photography Guiding: Montana Alpine Guides