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THE premier backpacking boot.

THE premier backpacking boot.


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  • Upper: Sherpa HS12® leather
  • Lining: Taibrelle
  • Insole: Performance-Flex
  • Midsole: PU/EVA
  • Sole: Vibram(R) M3
  • Color: Bourdeaux
  • Last: BX
  • Sizes: 24.5 – 31
  • Sizes: 38 - 47, 48, 49, 50
  • Sizes: 38 - 47, 48, 49, 50
  • Product Code: 66002/S07


  • Vibram


SCARPA Sizing Chart

Measure your foot with a ruler, using cm or inches; convert to Euro or US using this chart. If you need mondo sizing, please refer to the SCARPA chart on this page/tab. We recommend you purchase two sizes, the size you think you are plus one .5 size bigger for fit testing at home. As long as the products are in like new condition and the packaging is 100% intact, we will credit you for the returned product.

General fitting rules depend on the product's intended use... follow the appropriate guidelines below for best results.

Trail/mountain/approach/lifestyle products:

  • The bigger/heavier/more supportive the product, the more you may want to upsize .5 - 1full size. Lighter, softer, more supple shoes can be sized closer to your measured size.
  • Note: SCARPA Plastic mountain boots all use UK sizing; UK converts easily: 1 full size smaller than US men's size, 2 sizes smaller than US women's size.
  • Try on with appropriate socks for your usage. The bigger the boot, the more appropriate a bigger sock (sounds crazy, huh?)
  • If you use orthotics or already have aftermarket footbeds, measure against the standard footbed in boot. Fit into boot for sizing/fitting the boot.
  • Best to try on at the end of the day when your feet are larger/swollen, than when your feet are fresh to ensure good fit after a long day.
  • Lacing can play an incredibly important part of a good fit. Be sure to play with lacing when analyzing fit.
  • Make sure your heel isn't slipping.
  • Make sure your toes aren't hitting the end.

**Approach shoes may be sized smaller for performance purposes but beware... small shoes are really uncomfortable on the trail.

Rock climbing shoes

  • From your measured size, you'll want to consider downsizing .5 - 2 full sizes. The flatter the shoe, the closer to your measured size; the more downturned/aggressive the shoe, the more you'll want to downsize.
  • The best fit is comparative between sizes and only you will be able to judge that, though an experience climber could offer good insights to your fit.
  • If it feels painful, it may break in... or it may not.
  • Pain sucks as a rule of thumb though and makes climbing miserable.
  • Only you can judge what's 'acceptable' discomfort.
  • Good fitting rock shoes shouldn't necessarily be 'comfortable' by walking/running shoe standards.
  • Look for looseness/bagginess in the toes and heel. Bagginess can mean 'slop' when climbing with feet perspiring, etc.
  • Toes should completely fill the toebox.
  • Heel should feel solid; like they won't pull off if heel hooking.
  • Any foot movement in new shoes will mean sloppy fit when broken in.

Ski boots

  • From your measured foot, convert to US size using the scale. Translate the US size to Mondo size using the SCARPA mondo scale (not 'true' mondo conversion)
  • Shell fit: taking liner out of the shell and inserting foot, toes touching end of shell but completely flat.
  • Should have 1.5 - 2 fingers of space behind heel and heel of shell (between 14mm - 20mm)
  • Too little space = go up one shell
  • Too much space = go down one shell
  • If not sure... fit test BOTH shell sizes
  • Put on a ski sock for gosh sake!
  • Use and orthotic? Put it the boot (after taking out the standard footbed).
  • Put foot in boot AND BUCKLE IT! You can not tell a boot fit without buckling it
  • This will pull your heel back into the heel pocket, relieving cramped toe space
  • Boots do pack out! A 'comfy' fit when new will mean slop later.
  • Regardless, your toes should NOT be pressed against the end of the liner
  • Get your Intuition liners molded! This provides THE BEST FIT available.
  • Any minor pressure points or space will be eliminated by molding
  • Find an experience SCARPA dealer for fitting/molding
  • Boot fitting is an incredible service and generally requires a service fee of varying amounts... it's worth it though!

More good information fitting available here.

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Recent Reviews

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2015


    To me these boots blend the classic styling of traditional hiking boots with high tech design that provides both comfort, function, and ergonomics. They are the best boots i've ever worn. I am very disappointed that these boots have been discontinued. I am an avid hiker and bring these on every trip. I actually also wear them on daily basis because they are so comfortable. I truly don't understand where the business sense is in canceling these boots. You can see online.. the reviews highly praise them, people love them, people want them. I dont get it, why discontinue these? In what universe does a company destroy its own 5 star product? There are a plethora of manufacturers that make ordinary shoes.. but then there are people like you guys who make exceptional ones, and if you cant make boots like this anymore who will?

  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2014


    Please don't ever discontinue this boot Scarpa!!! You've engineered perfection. I am a crew leader for a U.S. Forest Service trail crew and put over 350 miles a year on these boots in the North Idaho Panhandle. I've had my current pair for 6 years and am finally going to buy a new pair because I nicked the toe with my chainsaw which has finally allowed them to take on water. Do the math...that's over 2000 miles of punishing wear on these boots. Attached is a pic shortly after a week long trip of retreading trail in the Selkirks. They're still going strong but I think I'm ready for a new pair. So please...bring them back Scarpa....BRING THEM BACK!

  • Anonymous Feb 1, 2013


    These are heavy duty boots made for heavy duty hiking in rough terrain. The only situation I don't see them being ideal in would be in warmer weather where breathability might become an issue. They've been nothing short of amazing in the hikes I've put them through from mid-fall to present. They are not technically water proof, but the silicone impregnated leather is certainly highly water resistant, and I have not had wet feet after days of trudging through snow, creeks, puddles, etc. One thing to note is the break-in period. Another user noted that they had virtually no-break in period. That was not the case for me. The stiff sherpa leather was bordering on painful to walk in during the first week, and I wondered if I had just bought a $180 set of blister makers. Thankfully, after a week or two of breaking them in (wearing them almost all day/every day) the leather softened up, the creases formed, and they were significantly more comfortable. Note to buyers: experiment with the lacing system to really dial in the comfort of the boots. Tightening from the top results in uniform pressure across the foot, but this can be adjusted with a little finesse. Overall, excellent quality boots, certainly on the same level as other top-shelf bootmakers.

  • Anonymous Nov 30, 2012


    I've had these boots for two years and worn them everywhere from backpacking trips to hunting trips to some low tech mountaineering.  I love them for the same reasons as other reviewers.  I especially love how waterproof these things are.  I've cross streams in these things with dry sock on the far side. I use Nikwax leather cleaner and water proof them after every three trips or so. The only improvement I would make would be the addition of an extended rand over the top of the toe.  This area is absolutely shredded on both boots due to jagged granite rocks on steep terrain.  Would definitely recommend this boot!

  • Anonymous Sep 28, 2012


    These are great boots.  Very comfortable out of the box, didn't require any break-in for me.  One reviewer suggested using Sno-seal or beeswax:  DO NOT DO THAT!.  I learned the hard way that these products can cause the sole to delaminate from the boot and since these products penetrate the leather, you can't replace the sole as it will not adhere to the leather uppers.  Scarpa recommends Nikwax products.  I would use one of their products.