Sponsorship Request

  • Reality Check
  • Individual/Team Sponsorship
  • Corporate and Event Sponsorship
  • SCARPA is a proud promoter of the core outdoor culture for which our footwear is essential. We support a number of individuals, teams, expeditions, events, and organizations that span a diverse spectrum of our collective culture. We are proud of the caliber and reach of our associations and the represented blend of cutting-edge performance with accessible sport.

    Reality Check

    We receive a significant number of sponsorship requests every day. It is difficult to respond to each, much less honor any significant percentage of these requests. This is made especially difficult by the many good, worthwhile efforts being made throughout our North American community that need support.

    Please be aware:
    Submit printed hard-copy materials; a definitive cover letter and mission statement go a long way, 90 days advance notice required for all requests, and do not submit any materials requiring return. Please follow the specific checklist guidelines below and submit by regular mail to:

    SCARPA North America
    attn: Sponsorship Request
    3550 Frontier Avenue, Unit E
    Boulder CO 80301

    Individual/Team Expedition Checklist

    1. Cover Letter
      • Name(s)
      • Sport/endeavor
      • Address
      • Email
      • Website
      • Phone#'s
    2. Resume that highlights sport
      • Ability
      • Experience
      • Diversity of Skills
      • Local/Regional/National/International Influence
      • Route/Crag Development or Skiing Accomplishments
    3. Resume that highlights person(s)
      • Attitude/Approachability
      • Philanthropy
      • Respect within Local Community
      • Participation in Local Community
      • Ethics/Stewardship
      • Any public appearances?
        • Slideshows
        • Touring movies/shows
      • Relationship with SCARPA product
      • List of other Sponsors
    4. Media Exposure
      • Published photos/stories
      • Video clips or movie footage
      • General promotional efforts
    5. Program Guidelines
      • All requests must be in writing.
      • Required information must be provided
      • Requests should be submitted 90 days in advance of needs.
    6. Personal References

    Corporate and Event Sponsorship Checklist

    1. Cover Letter
      • Organization name and complete mailing address
      • Contact name, phone and fax number and e-mail address and website
    2. Background
      • Brief history of organization
      • Goals and objective of organization
      • Geographic scope of organization
      • List of other current sponsors
    3. Describe the Sponsorship Opportunity
      • Date, time, location
      • Significant deadlines
      • Goal and objectives
      • Target audience
      • Brief history of event
      • Past attendance history and demographic profile
      • Marketing plan: how is the word spread&?
      • Include samples of marketing and collateral materials (prior year OK)
      • List sponsor benefits
    4. Cost to attend/participate
      • Sponsor Requirements
      • Cash
      • Personnel
      • Product
      • *Please be specific
    5. Describe the Sponsorship Field
      • Number of sponsors desired
      • Degree of category exclusivity
      • Media sponsors secured and/or approached for the event
      • List other organizations being approached for sponsorship and anticipated levels of participation
      • Sponsorship commitments to date
    6. Sponsorship Exclusions and Limitations
      • Political campaigns, candidates, parties or partisan activities
      • Sectarian, denominational or religious organizations in support of theological functions
      • Labor or fraternal groups
      • Fund-raising events if more than 20 percent of funds raised are directed toward administrative, operating or fund-raising expenses
    7. Program Guidelines
      • All requests must be in writing.
      • Required information must be provided
      • Requests should be submitted 90 days in advance of need