Will Gadd

Nick Name: Captain Adventure

Gender: Male

Where were you born: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Current Location: Canmore, Alberta

Hobbies: Skiing, running, sleeping on planes.

Motto: Nobody ever died wishing they had spent one more day at the desk.

Discipline: Rare. Do what I like most of the time. Climb ice and rocks, fly my paraglider, hang out with my kids.

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and have basically lived on the eastern slope of the Rockies my entire life, from Canmore to Boulder to Colorado Springs and back. I've had a sequential sports obsession including kayaking when I was young, then rock climbing in Colorado, competing in rock climbing, then paragliding, and kayaking in there for sure, and then mixed climbing. I've been a sponsored kayaker, paraglider and ice climber, so that says I had at least a little talent at all those games, plus I've won national and international titles in sport climbing, ice climbing and paragliding. I just really, really obsess over mountain sports and try to get better at them each time I go outside to play. Recent projects included climbing the world's hardest multi-pitch mixed route (cool film coming out on that one), and heading to Africa in a week to climb ice there. For real.

When it comes down to it I'm happiest doing cool stuff outside with my friends, so that's what I try to do most in life. And then share those experiences with others through writing, teaching, making films and coaching people to do their best in the mountains.

Favorite SCARPA product: Rebels. I've done so many peaks in these boots, climbed hard waterfall ice, just a great all-around piece of gear.

What other SCARPA product do you use: Almost everything from the 6,000M boots to the Feroces to the various Vapors (five different models over the years at least!)

Your biggest influence growing up: Probably my dad--he was a climber and took me out into the mountains when I was very young.

Biggest idol in your sport growing up: I'm a Canadian kid--Wayne Gretzky of course! And then the Californians and John Lauchlan.

What age did you start: Too young to remember. Climbed my first real mountain at age 8, Mt. Athabasca.

How would you describe your style: To boldly or not so boldly go where no one has gone before, like star trek but generally cold and without stretchy suits.

What can't you live without: Plenty of food and beer. And Red Bull.

What keeps you motivated: I do a lot of different sports so I'm pretty much always stoked to do something. Maybe the more relevant question is what de-motivates? And what demotivates me is bad music, unpsyched partners, shitty weather, and anyone who doesn't realize how lucky we are today.

If you could be a super hero who: Superman.

Guilty pleasure song: Old minor threat.

>Strangest medical issue: Broke the tip off my index finger and climbed on it for a week. That really hurt.

Favorite junk food: Potato chips.

Favorite post activity drink: Beer.

Best excuse to skip training: There are no excuses.

Go-to dance move: Head for the bar.

Favorite ice cream: Coffee.

Coffee or tea: Coffee in the morning, red bull for training, tea in the evening. With vodka in it.

What do you do on off days: One of my other sports, or plan trips on the computer and hang out with my kids.

Last movie to make you cry: I cry more than my six-year old daughter. Basically any movie we go to.

Favorite classic movie: Ben Hur?

What's on your ipod: Music, movies, pictures, dirt.

Hidden talent/party trick: I can do a pushup with a ridiculous amount of girls on my back.

What kind of car do you drive: Depends, I buy and sell them a lot, but mostly Toyota trucks. Just sold one and am trying out the car plan for a bit, Mazda.

Personal Blog: Will Gadd - Writing

Personal Website: Will Gadd

nstagram: Realwillgadd