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A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

From rock climbing to techno dancing, to urban and rural exploring, this point of view piece from Sam Elias captures what it feels like to live a day in his life...at least a day when he's in Spain. Read Now

Life Is Better In Hiking Boots

Life Is Better In Hiking Boots

Life really is better in hiking boots, as long as you're wearing the right pair for the destination. Learn more about the differences between SCARPA's backpacking, hiking, and light weight shoes and which one is best for you. Read Now

Alannah Yip Keeps On Achieving

Professional climber, Alannah Yip, has plenty of medals which show off her athleticism, but now she also has a diploma which proves she is so much more. Read Now

Raising Climbers

SCARPA rock climbing athlete, Rob Pizem breaks down his strategy on how to keep learning fun when it comes to teaching kids how to climb. Read Now

Alpine Running Beats The Heat

As the days get hotter, the running gets harder. Alpine running can provide cooler temps and shaded trails, which help to alleviate Summer’s impact on your workout. But, if you’re new to the sport, finding the right trail shoe can be a daunting task. Read Now

Introducing the Maestro Mid

SCARPA is thrilled to release their first mid top trad shoe, that is anything but traditional. The Maestro Mid rock climbing shoe launched this spring, after much anticipation from our loyal, trad climbing customers. Read Now