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The Yoga of Climbing

If you struggle with a particular area of flexibility in climbing (or in ever-tightening muscles as a result of climbing), chances are that you can find that yoga can address this issue. Read Now

Building Anchors and Placing Gear; How To Do It Right.

What is the best way to get good at building anchors and placing gear? Read Now

Cuba Libre, A Climber’s Paradise

For climbers, Cuba is a hidden paradise. It’s easy to get here, you don’t have to sneak around guards to get to the crags, people are friendly and oh yeah, the climbing is superb! Read Now

Summer Rock Shoe Care

Excessive heat trashes rock shoes. Here's how to care for your rock shoes in the summer. Read Now

Seven Spring Crags That Aren’t Indian Creek

Yes, The Creek is rad, but this spring you should branch out to one of these other awesome early-season destinations. Read Now

Alex Puccio: Comeback Queen

First a knee injury, then a neck injury, and now Alex Puccio is winning every competition she enters. Read Now